Spoonfed Monkey

Welcome to Spoonfed Monkey!

Spoonfed Monkey essentially serves as a home for whatever I feel like sharing online. There isn't very much on here right now. You may be wondering if that's because I have nothing to share, or because I don't want to share anything. I won't answer that because I like to keep people guessing.

If you're bored or just plain curious, you can learn a little about me on the About page. (You may see the fact that I explained that to you as an insult to your intelligence, but I see it as filler to make this page seem less empty!)

The Software page links to software that I either develop or maintain. I don't have anything up there at the moment.

The Extras page basically just contains little things that I made for myself or maybe a few other people, but decided to share with anyone who might be interested. Take a look... maybe you'll find something in there to be downright captivating.

Finally, if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, problems, flames, pick-up lines, or you're just dying to tell me your favorite moment from "Small Wonder," stop by the Contact page and shoot me an email!

Thanks for visiting!